TELECONFERENCE: Is It Codependence or Self Preservation ?

TELECONFERENCE: Is it Codependence or Self Preservation?

A low cost International Support Group facilitated by Dr. Marshack. This FREE teleconference is only for Members of the Meetup group, Asperger Syndrome: Partners & Family of Adults with ASD.
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Topic: Is It Codependence or Self Preservation ?

Thursday May 16, 2019, 2:30-4:00 PM PDT

Do feelings of guilt surface when you consider leaving your relationship? And on the other hand do you feel just as guilty for staying? This is the dilemma of our lives with Aspies. It’s tough to explain this conundrum to our friends and family and even our psychologist. Why is that? I’d like to banish your guilt once and for all. Why should you feel guilty for having an impossible choice to make? It’s not simple and no one understands that except members of this group. Let’s gather together on this call to learn more about being caught in what psychologists call a “Lose-Lose” situation. Because we are a group of thoughtful, caring, committed people, we search for “Win-Win” solutions, but what do you do when the options are slim?

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