VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why “Aspies” Don’t Get Chit Chat

VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why Aspies Don’t Get Chit Chat?

A low cost International Support Group facilitated by Dr. Marshack. This Video Conference is limited to twelve people, and is only for Members of the Meetup group, Asperger Syndrome: Partners & Family of Adults with ASD.
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Topic: VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why “Aspies” Don’t Get Chit Chat

Tuesday May 14, 2019, 10:00-11:00 PM PDT

“I don’t get what she’s talking about. It’s like confetti swirling all around. I just wait for it to drift to the ground,” said an Aspie husband.

“Neuro-Typicals need all of these extraneous words to explain things. I’ve practiced using these words so that they feel better. It’s like they need all of these curly-Qs splashed all over the page,” said an Aspie woman.

In spite of the neuroscience behind this, it’s still a puzzle to us why they don’t listen. We explain and explain and explain, but all they recognize is the confetti and the curly-Qs. Only when we speak their language is there a modicum of interpersonal interaction.

Notice I said, “modicum.” It still feels empty when we talk with our Aspies because their lack of empathy (EmD-0) makes us feel disconnected, even invisible to them.

This call is to learn more about this phenomenon and how to work around it. We are not irrelevant and neither is our verbal expressiveness.

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