VIDEO CONFERENCE: Ghosted by “Asperger Syndrome” (Advanced)

A low cost International Support Group facilitated by Dr. Marshack. This video conference is only for Members of the Meetup group, Asperger Syndrome: Partners & Family of Adults with ASD.
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Topic: Ghosted by “Asperger Syndrome”

Thursday April 11, 2019, 4:00-5:00 PM PDT

VIDEO CONFERENCE; Ghosted by Asperger Syndrome. (For more advanced or experienced members). Have you heard of the term “Ghosting,” or “Ghosted”? It’s new in the vernacular and means that someone has cut you off without a trace, as if you never existed before. There is no response to your phone calls, texts, or emails. You may even be cut off from contact through social media. It can also mean that you have done the Ghosting. I am intrigued by this concept since psychologists refer to Ghosting as a “cruel form of emotional abuse.” It is remarkably similar to how we can feel with our ASD loved ones. Cut off, invisible, no communication, uncared for. It’s also true that our Aspie’s feel Ghosted because they live a life with so little understanding of their condition. Even though we are there to love them and carry them through difficult social situations, they can still feel alone too. And then Ghost us without fully understanding who they are hurting. Let’s take this opportunity to look at the painful topic. Can we find methods to break through this destructive pattern?