“ASPERGER SYNDROME” & Relationships:

A course to Relieve the Chaos and Misunderstandings in NeuroDivergent Relationships

Do you want clarity, tools, and relief for your NeuroDivergent relationship?

People are raving about this course. I am so honored.

“Your course is fantastic!! I’ve seen my spouse make 2 changes.
Don’t know if it’ll last, but he’s getting something from your course!!”

“Just in time. I can’t afford counseling, because of a spectrum marriage and the infinite problems it causes, financial and otherwise. . . I’m looking forward to this course. Again thank you.”

“This course is FANTASTIC! Lots of valuable information. Just having a more clear understanding, without all the scientific, psychological, medical “stuff” helps so much! I really needed this, not to diagnose, but simple understanding and Dr Kathy I appreciate the small bite size pieces each video is in, not so overwhelming for me! Thank you very much! You should be proud! This is a very good course and it’s structured just right!
Love it and you!”

As a Psychologist, Author, and International Presenter — with expertise in NeuroDivergent Relationships, I prepared this online course to take you beyond my books and blog posts on this topic.

Plus you can access this course at your own pace and time, making it easier to learn and practice these new methods.

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