Video Education

You may have questions…

Things Can Be Complicated

After all, you are living in a complex relationship, so you may want help applying what’s in my books to your unique situation. I am happy to help through my Video Education Services. I offer individual, couple, family and group video education conferences.

These educational video calls take a narrower approach than the clinical one of online psychotherapy. It may be just as therapeutic in many ways, but the purpose of these one-on-one calls is to get right to the specific question you have in mind. This is why I set up sessions in increments of 20-minutes to be used as efficiently as possible. Of course, you can schedule more than twenty minutes if you like.

There is no diagnosis or medical billing for video education sessions, although your privacy is protected just as it would be in video psychotherapy, since I use HIPAA compliant software for all video calls.

Pricing for Video Education Sessions:

55 minutes: $195 USD, 40 minutes $145 USD, and 20 minutes $80 USD

“Your revelations never stop surprising me. Despite the tears I am so happy to know the truth.”

From a New Zealand Video Education Member