Empathy is More than Words

“Empathy Is More Than Words,” is an excellent addition to Dr. Kathy Marshack’s line of books that serve as primers on relating to people who lack Empathy because of Autism, traumatic brain injury, addiction, or illness. In this book, she takes a deep dive into the topic of Empathy itself. 

Enter a roomful of people and, if you have Empathy, you unconsciously gauge who has—or doesn’t have—Empathy. How is it that you can do so, but those without Empathy cannot? To answer this question, Dr. Marshack leads her readers on a profound journey into the intrinsic nature of Empathy. She addresses many of the troubling communication conundrums that plague relationships between the NeuroTypical and the NeuroDiverse.

Dr. Marshack confronts the myths about Empathy head-on and clearly demonstrates how Empathy is indeed more than words. She introduces her newest discovery, Radiant Empathy. The epitome of Empathy, Radiant Empathy goes well beyond having an empathic understanding of another individual. It is the willingness to forgive yourself and others while commanding the courage and wisdom to stand up for those who are suffering, perhaps from PTSD episodes triggered by new trauma. Forgiveness, emphasizes Dr. Marshack, is fundamental to Radiant Empathy.

One stand-out example of Radiant Empathy is seen in a poignant photo taken 11 days into the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. It depicts empty strollers and prams, collected by Polish mothers, left waiting at a Poland train station for the Ukrainian mothers and refugees who would soon arrive with next to nothing. This telling photo of profoundly Radiant Empathy appeared in media around the world

Several “out-of-the-box” tools unfold in this book, including the Empathy Triad, which represents the relationship of Empathy to Context and Conversation; and the 7-Step Interface Protocol, which can bridge the psychological divide between the NeuroTypical and the NeuroDiverse.

This is the fourth in Dr. Marshack’s series of books focused on helping NeuroTypical and NeuroDiverse individuals develop effective solutions that create understanding. Many a NeuroDivergent couple has sought out Dr. Marshack for relationship help. Using the tools discussed in this book, they have succeeded in reclaiming the love lost in the chaos of NeuroDivergence.

Curious readers will discover how a grizzly bear, pirates, software development, Pepto Bismol, confetti, the witches of Oz, Monica Lewinsky, MalalYousafzai, and Autistic comedienne Hanna Gadsby factor into the author’s fascinating discoveries about Empathy.

Adding to Dr. Marshack’s cache of resources available to help NeuroDivergent couples manage their relationships is her new and innovative on-demand video course, “ASPERGER” SYNDROME & Relationships: Life with an Adult on the Autism Spectrum, available at: http://www.asd-ntrelationships.com/courses.

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